ways woman can watch sexylittleideas
or A Watched Pot Does Boil

It turns out it’s quite hard for a woman to see her own genitals.

Unless she is a contortionist or uses external aids, her vagina is tucked neatly away in the shade of her pubic bone. This makes it difficult to see even on a sunny day when she is by herself and nearly impossible to glimpse during the sex act, should she be so inclined.

I am not a woman, so this has never occurred to me before.

For a guy, it’s easy. We can bend forward, bend backward, twist sideways, or stand on our hands, and our royalty will always be proudly parading in front of us as plain as the nose on our face. We barely ever even have to crane our necks.

But try to get a look at the area right below your testicles and you may find that it’s a whole new ball game.

Many recent studies have shown that, although women are fully capable of responding to visual sexual stimuli, men are “generally more interested in and responsive to visual sexually-arousing stimuli than are women.” Such as watching our own genitals thrust in and out as they perform their God-given duty during the sex act.

So the fact that it’s easier for us men to watch is great news for the majority of men who are visually-oriented and the majority of women who are mood- or audio-oriented. But what about women who are visually-oriented or even those who just wanna check out the action every once in a while? Here are a few ideas we came up with – 5 ways a woman can watch.

(For the record, try looking this up on Google. I did. I found absolutely zero information. Maybe this means it’s an entirely gratuitous subject that no one else cares about. Or maybe it is sorely needed. You decide.)

1. Wall Mirror
The easiest-by-far and least-awkward idea is to do it in front of a large wall-mounted mirror. You will have to find the position that works for you and that gets the man’s torso out of the way so it doesn’t block your view (try The Ape, The Clip, or The Ship). Using a wall mirror will allow you to casually watch his cock slipping in and out of you or casually not watch it according to your mood. This is my favorite idea because it gives you the option of watching if you want without putting all of the focus on the genitals.

2. Handheld Mirror
Using a small handheld mirror is the most precise way of concentrating on the visual action and making sure you get a detailed close-up without missing one beat. A makeup mirror is good, and you can even try the magnified side for a more intense visual. The downside of this idea is that some people may find it slightly awkward to hold a mirror up to their genitals during sex. If watching turns you on though, don’t be shy, and by all means, soak in the view.

3. Elevated Hips
Any sexual position that elevates your hips while you lie on your back will allow you to see your own pussy without having to use a mirror. You may still have to crane your neck a little bit, but propping your hips up a bit (or a lot) with a pillow (or pillows) will make it easier for you to get a good face-to-face glimpse of your sexual mechanics.

4. Side Splits
If your neck gets tired before your eyes do, turn over on your side and have him lift one of your legs in the air while fucking you. This position will allow you to curl forward and watch while resting your head and neck on the bed or on your arm.
Note: Any type of woman-facing-away position (Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, etc), in which his penis enters you from behind, makes the action a lot more difficult to see. The angle of entry makes it so that no matter how much you curl forward, the friction will still be almost completely hidden from your view.

5. Film Yourself.
And watch it back later. Hold the camera yourself to make sure you get all the angle-candy you want.