trophy sexylittleideas
or SexyLittleIdeas and the Spotlight

It has been my good fortune to be included in several of this year’s Sex Advice Column Grammy’s from some very intriguing Sex Information Critics over at various of the internet’s Sex Writing Academies. For these I am very grateful and would like to thank my producers, all my relatives, my beautiful muses, and God.

#58 – Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013
“These blogs are helping make the world a sexier place, one post at a time.”
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#84 – BetweenMySheets’ Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013
“You really shouldn’t care too much about this list. After all, it’s just one person’s humble opinion.”
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#1 – OrgasmicTipsForGirls’ Top Sex Advice Websites
(SexyLittleIdeas being at the bottom of the list of 15, which I am assuming is in reverse order because she keeps adding the new ones to the top.)
Click here to see the full OrgasmicTipsForGirls list.

A small footnote about semantics: You will notice all these awards are for sex blogs or, less specifically, blogs. I don’t consider myself a blog. A blog is a web log. A log, in this context, is ‘a regular or systematic record of incidents or observations.’ I record very few observations and even less incidents. The description I prefer is column, which is ‘a section of a newspaper or magazine (or of the Internet) regularly devoted to a particular subject or written by a particular person.’

SexyLittleIdeas is more of a sex information, opinion, and advice column.

Either way, it’s an honor just to be mentioned.