hot guys don't treat hot girls bad sexylittleideas

Hot guys don’t treat hot girlsbad.

He just treats her how normal people treat normal people, because he’s not that impressed. He sees her as the regular, average person that the hot girl actually is on the inside, and he neglects to give her any special consideration. Hot guys don’t treat hot girls bad, just normal.

But hot girls are used to being treated like goddesses by everyone else.

They are used to a world kissing their feet, unable to see past their glittering shell to their average inside. They are used to a life full of compliments and open doors and free things. They think that’s just the way people treat people. But that isn’t the way people treat people. It’s wonderful when people are polite to each other, but it’s dangerous to become accustomed to an awry paradise where you flash a smile and all the worker bees bring you honey.

So when someone comes along who doesn’t worship the ground she walks on, it’s terrifying.

Hot guys don’t have to be specifically mean to hot girls to make their worlds fall apart. He just has to expect her to buy her own drinks, tell actually funny jokes before he laughs, and do something actually impressive before he is impressed. All he has to do to make her world fall apart is be not particularly interested in fucking her. When she encounters a man who is unwilling to throw down his cloak in service of Her Majesty just for the privilege of looking once into her eyes, she recoils in horror at what a horribly rude, mean person.

But he doesn’t have to be mean or even hot to illicit that label from her, all he has to be is a person looking objectively at another person. Ladies, you want us to stop thinking with our cocks, but when we do, all those fountains of opportunities and freebies and absurdly high esteem will shrivel in proportion to a worth that is based not on the size of your boobs, the girth of your ass, or the length of your eyelashes. You will be treated based on a different kind of worth that might get you far less honey.

When we stop thinking with our cocks, you start getting treated like an average person, and believe me, it’s not always that great.

That’s why hot girls think that hot guys treat them bad.

1- It shall be understood that the above usage of the terms ‘hot girls’ and ‘hot guys’ is strictly in reference to the majority of attractive persons of the respective female and male genders who share in the above-described sentiments. These terms shall not be understood to be applied to all or every attractive member/members of those genders.