how to be sex positive bible sexylittleideas
or A Sex Positive Bible

I think some people were born monogamists, and some were born monogamish, and some were born polyamorous, and some were born gay, and some were born bi, and some were born religious, and this is all normal and okay as long as consent and respect is involved.

I think pickup artists, prostitutes, feminists, and Christians alike all have their reasons for what they do, and I respect that.

I think it’s possible to be an honest, respectful, sex positive (Christian, prostitute, pickup artist, feminist).

It’s only when we try to use our gene-mashup to take consent out of the equation (kids, animals, coercion, force) that we have to draw a line.

I think that being sex positive means being positive about sex and about all the bright and scandalous colors in the sex positive community spectrum.

If a monogamist is positive about sex while adhering to his moral principles and not raping… his wife… then I can respect that. If a pickup artist is positive about sex while being the best version of himself and not lying or coercing, I can respect that. If a feminist is positive about sex while believing firmly that men are dogs or bicycles, but not stooping to violence against the male gender, I can respect that. If a Christian is positive about sex while staunchly going to church and respecting alternative lifestyles, I can respect that. If a gay or bisexual man is positive about sex while sucking that cock and not creeping on straight guys, I can respect that.

We’re all a proud dynasty of sex positivity, and we’re beautiful, and I love it.

If we start bickering among ourselves we take a little bit of the positive out of the sex. And we step a little closer to being intolerant (like ‘them’).

If you are sex positive in any way and you are offended by something you read here, don’t be. It’s (abundantly) clear from the context of this site the respect and support I have for (women, swingers, men, sex workers, families, religion, kink, LGBTQIA). And for YOU.