how to buy and sell a human being sexylittleideas
or Club Theory

The human slave trade is still alive and well. And it’s legit.

No, I don’t mean in Albania, in Taken 2, in Hollywood, or even in all the sex work controversy that we all hear and write so much about.

Buying, selling, and marketing other human beings is a respected and legal part of mainstream society in all the major developed and developing countries of the world. And it’s all done under a clever guise known as ‘Ladies’ Night.’

Ladies’ Night is your favorite Wednesday or Friday of the week where all women who show up at the velvet rope get free drinks. Or no cover charge. Or a cake. Or a reduced price on some or all of those things. Ladies’ Night also makes a lesser appearance in promotions where four women (for instance) get a free bottle or where patrons wearing a skirt or gown get a discount.

I am aware how popular this is among both club moguls and many lower-class women – and how unpopular it may make me among both. I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t be done, and I’m not saying that I will never go to a club if it’s selling me its women. All I’m saying is, let’s take a closer look at exactly what is being done here. Let’s call it what it is.

Now, we all already know that these practices are clearly gender-based discrimination. Imagine if clubs had White People’s Night or Heterosexual Night. Uproar. Whether or not these gender-based pricing schemes are discriminatory is no longer much of a question, and Ladies’ Nights have already been outlawed in California and Maryland among many other states in the US.

Despite their discriminatory nature, however, Ladies’ Nights still run amok both in the US and in too many otherwise-civilized countries around the globe. Maybe we’ve just become numb to the fact that gender-based discrimination is a part of everynight, modern life, or maybe we secretly like discrimination when it’s biased toward us (ahem, ladies). But the discrimination argument is not what I’m going to talk about here.

I’m going to go a step further and call it legal human trafficking.

This is not just a case of a little economic encouragement, this is a case of unsuspecting and otherwise-free-spirited women being bought by the rich and then greedily and opportunistically sold to other rich.

Ladies, these promotions lure you to the flesh markets where you are purchased by the rich with the buying power of free alcohol and access. (These things cost actual money, and when they are given to you for free, it should make you suspicious right away.)

Once a hefty, regular harvest of female bodies has been hoarded, these rich then market and sell you to other rich for the price of exclusive dress codes, high cover/drink charges, and VIP access. (These things also all cost actual money.)

This process is an essential part of club theory, and practically the entire reason why partying has become so lucrative. These are no longer simple social gatherings based on music, dancing, and fun, but very coldly-calculated efforts to use your bodies for profit. These are also not simply tactics to provoke men to follow you into the doors of the club, but a literal brilliant bending of human trafficking laws that the rich have conspired to instigate in order to allow exclusive participation by the rich alone in the modern slave trade of women.

Should the concept of Ladies’ Nights be shunned, boycotted, and eventually abolished? Just like slavery was originally extinguished not by the slaves themselves but by the white offenders, I guess that’s not up to you women. Or could this time be different?

I would also like to remind you that the United Nations’ major sexual exploitation laws very clearly state: The consent of a victim of trafficking in persons to the intended exploitation shall be irrelevant.

Human trafficking is defined as: the recruitment… of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion (including)… the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person… for the purpose of exploitation.

Is giving in to chauvinist, anti-women practices really worth it for something as petty as the price of a drink? Don’t hold yourself back. Watch this for more: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders – Sheryl Sandberg