hack celebrity phone sexylittleideas
or How to Spend 10 Years in Jail in Exchange for a Few Boobs that You Could’ve Just as Easily Seen in a Movie

1. Find their email address.
Surprisingly, this may be the hardest part of this process. In the case of a celebrity, you may have to guess. Try different combinations of their first and last names or initials together with various email servers. If it is a friend’s email you are trying to hack, just ask them.

2. Find the answer to their security question or questions.
In the case of a celebrity, you can usually find out their mother’s maiden name, the city in which they were born, or the name of their pet on Wikipedia or IMDB. In the case of a friend, their Facebook account will usually provide you with all the info you need to get into their email account.

3. Reset their password.
Click on Forgot Password, and type in their email address and the answer to their security question. Also enter an email to which you would like a new password for their account to be sent.

4. Login to their account using your new password, and steal their naked photos.

This is a brute force attack combined with a bit of cleverness. -Brute force in that it may not work on every email address, but try the email addresses of enough celebrities / people / your friends and it will eventually work. Will it work on yours?

Note to the FBI: this is a satirical look at how to avoid amateur identity theft. It is in no way meant to encourage anyone to break any laws.