lackluster lust sexylittleideas
or No Pasa Nada

People get bored easily.

They always need a new theory, a new medium or a new take on the old one. A new toy, a new position. A new cheeseburger.

Blondes want to be brunettes. Brunettes want to be blondes or redheads. Models want to be promoters and coordinators. Coordinators want to be models again.

The people at the bottom want to be in charge, and the people in charge are sick of the stress and headache.

We have voracious appetites for the new, and in a way, I think that’s healthy.

But in another way, it can be maddening to never just revel in what we have now. The person we currently are.

I have an irreverent muse with a sense of humor and a mildly successful modeling career in Guadalajara, Mexico (which, I understand, is like saying I’m the tallest midget). I plan to enjoy the shit out of it.

What do you have?

A novel takes a year to write, but a week to devour. (!!So take a deep breath and enjoy every word of the page you’re on right now!!)

People get bored easily, and they get scared easily. Would you rather be never bored and always surprised (scared) or never surprised and always bored (cynical)?

I’ve never been bored in my life.

But I’m learning that nothing is wrong. And nothing matters. Nothing ever really does. Things always work out. And I’m going to live a drab, fantastic life, coasting along on my nothing-matters-ness. So what’s the matter with that?

Nothing is.