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or Love Large

I believe that love is big.

I believe that you can love people for different reasons but with the very same intensity. And not just love but LOVE love.

I believe that love isn’t meant to obsess over just one person. That if you turn all your love tentacles on just one person for too long, that love will quickly turn to entitlement and then hate. Both because your love is bigger than and easily capable of crushing just one person, and also because that person needs more than just one particular color in her/his love spectrum.

I believe that love is stretchy. I believe that the more people you allow into your life, the bigger your love will stretch to cover them. Dunbar’s number suggests that the average human can comfortably maintain around 150 stable relationships, and I believe that if you want to really LOVE love each person in your life, your love is big enough to do that. Your number may be more or less than Dunbar’s, but I believe it is always bigger than one.

I believe that even the most rigorously, traditionally “moral” of people, if cultural or situational circumstances compelled them to love more than their traditional “one,” they would easily be able to.

In short, I believe that everyone is capable of being poly.

It may not be your default way of being, but I believe that there is always a love lurking inside you that has the potential to be bigger.

If a mother can overflow with love for her three children, one because she’s the smallest, two because he’s the biggest, and the other because she’s the middlest, why can’t you too love the people in your life the same amount and with the same passion but for very different reasons? Some people insist that even mothers pick favorites, and maybe some do. But just because she has a favorite doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t also die (or kill) for the other two.

Love is big. Be as big as your love. Love big.