nasty sexylittleideas
or The Sexual She-Beast vs. the Average Male
or Are Men Just Nastier Than Women?

I want answers.

The modern woman insists that she is a sexual beast. She insists that, contrary to what man has believed for so long, her sexuality and hunger rivals that of the male. That if only you knew the filthy, salacious things going through her mind, which she represses due to the role in which society tries to pigeonhole her, you would be shocked to find that she matches you in raw sexuality pound for pound.

She is, in other words, just as nasty as any man.

I want to believe that’s true.

I, however, am way too familiar with male sexuality.

While women’s fantasies may be wild, strange creatures (as reading any Nancy Friday book will tell you), men’s fantasies seem to have an element of nasty in them that, in a fair fight, would kick women’s fantasies in the crotch and hold her face in the mud. An inter-gender skirmish in the nasty arena would seem to be somewhat of a mismatch.

He is, in other words, the king of nasty. Or at least he seems to be.

Maybe men’s sexuality is really just nastier than women’s. Or maybe I’m looking at it all wrong and there are reasonable explanations that have nothing to do with inherent, gender-specific sexual tastes. I’ve compiled a list of men’s nastiest fantasies – the kind that few women would touch with a ten-foot pole (or at least admit to touching). I’ve tried to put them into some categories involving possible ‘non-nasty’ explanations, but there are a still a few that I can’t explain beyond saying that men are just nastier than women. That’s where I need your help.

I am not a PUA or a feminist, I’m just a human person, a student of sexuality, politically incorrect, searching for truths about people and their sex. If you don’t like something here, tell me, and tell me why. Or if you can explain something better than my clumsy attempts, I will love you for it.

Here is my list of fantasies that men have and women decidedly don’t.

Gloryholes – Where he finds a magical hole in a public bathroom or other foreign place, inserts his cock, and something on the other side sucks the life out of it.
This one seems to be anatomical: we have a sexual organ that we can insert into a hole. Still, with the right kind of hole or covering, a woman could presumably be penetrated, licked, or stimulated by something she couldn’t see. Are there no gloryholes for women because it would be awkward and clumsy, or because the thought of being stimulated by an unknown thing doesn’t turn her on? Is this fantasy the sole property of man-kind due to purely anatomical reasons, or is it because it’s just nasty?

Dildos – Where he watches her get herself off with phallic objects that may include monstrous sex toys, shower heads, fruits and vegetables, tiny vibrators, or other unrelated technology.
Although this one could be anatomical (we can picture inserting ourselves into her in the dildo’s stead), a reverse fantasy IS anatomically possible. Why aren’t more women turned on by the thought of men inserting themselves into things (fleshlights, couch cushions, pies)?

Gagging – Where she stuffs his cock down her throat and gags on it, the fantasy being the act of gagging itself.
Anatomically speaking, we do have an organ we can stuff down her throat. But there are ways women could cause us oral discomfort with their sexual organs too. We could suffocate on her pussy or choke on her breasts. Is gagging a man’s fantasy because it’s just so nasty?

Cumming All over Something – Where he ejaculates on a certain place, her face, boobs, ass, stomach, in her mouth, or even in a cup and she drinks it.
Yes, we are the gender that generally expels bodily fluids during sex. But many women also ejaculate, and do they fantasize about squirting all over a certain place on a man’s body? How come there is so little talk about squirting on his biceps or his chest and so few female fantasies involving, “Honey, get down on your knees, I’m about to cum and I wanna squirt all over your face”? How come we so rarely hear, “I’m so wet right now, and I want you to put your face down in there and drink it”? Too nasty?

Slapping – Where he is turned on by slapping her ass, her face, her boobs, slapping his cock on her, or one woman slapping another woman’s body.
This one seems to be due to men’s centuries of immersion in patriarchal societies, with slapping representing his power over her. As women begin to take the power back, will we see more women sexually fantasize about slapping at his chest, slapping her boobs on his face, or about one man slapping another man’s ass? Or is this one just too nasty?

Teens – Where is she barely of age.
Although this one could be a fantasy that emphasizes men’s power over women, I’m not sure that fucking barely-legal teenage girls is strictly a power fantasy. Do powerful or power-hungry women fantasize about having that barely-18-year old cock? Or is this just another nasty thing that men do and women rarely do?

Politically-Incorrect Dirty Talk – Where he calls her derogatory things like a dirty little whore or a filthy slut or his bitch.
Maybe there just aren’t male-appropriate sexually-derogatory terms. Or maybe it’s just another nasty, male-only fantasy.

Bukkake – Where a group of men stand over a woman and cover her with their cum.
The monarch of nasty fantasies, there is a definite power angle to bukkake fantasies, and it can also be explained by anatomical reasons. Is there a woman alive who fantasizes about getting together with a group of women, subduing a man, and then standing in a circle around him and masturbating?

Is a woman’s body just intrinsically, objectively more beautiful than a man’s, and does that (indisputable, self-evident?) fact explain away a lot of nasty things that we want to do to them and they don’t want to do to us? Do we want to cum on them because they’re so beautiful and they don’t specifically want to cum on us because we are intrinsically less so? Do we want to slap them and objectify them because their curves are so beautiful and they don’t objectify us because our lines are not?

Panties – Where he fantasizes about her panties, smelling them, leaving them on during the sex act, keeping them afterward.
As beautiful extensions of a woman’s beautiful body, her panties and the fantasies involving them make prime candidates in the argument for the aesthetic attractiveness of the female form. Do women not fantasize about smelling/keeping our boxers/briefs because our bodies, and thus by extension our lingerie, are less universally aesthetically pleasing? Or is it just because men are so nasty and women aren’t as much?

Hentai – Where a cartoon depicts sexually-explicit acts.
Maybe it’s because her body is so universally attractive that she is sexually arousing even in cartoon form. Do women not fantasize about being ravished by cartoon men because even the best male forms are less intrinsically beautiful? Or is cartoon pussy just another example of men’s intrinsic sexual nastiness?

Shemales – Where he fantasizes about a beautiful woman with curves and boobs… and a dick.
I imagine that the female form is so beautiful that even if you love cock, it is possible to still want it served on a woman’s body. Is this the reason that he-women are not a thing, and that you don’t see women fantasizing about strong, muscular men… with vaginas? Or are chicks with dicks just another example of men of any sexual orientation being straight-up nasty?

Here are the man-fantasies that I could find no reasonable alternate explanation for other than sheer nastiness.

Feet – Where he licks her feet or she cups her feet around his cock and jerks it off.
Out of all the women I interviewed for this article, very few of them were turned on by any of the above fantasies. Only one or two of them thought they could possibly be aroused by a woman’s equivalent of a gloryhole, a man with a fleshlight, a man suffocating on her pussy or drinking her, by slapping a man or keeping his boxers, by a barely-legal or virgin man, or by a shemale (and these things had never occurred to them before as viable fantasies).
Not a single woman I talked to could ever fathom the thought of fantasizing about putting a man’s toes into her pussy or getting off with a man’s feet.
Feet fetishes seem to be strictly male fare, even though it is anatomically possible for both sexes, it doesn’t seem to be power-related, and let’s face it, feet are not universally considered to be intrinsically beautiful. Is this definitive proof of male superiority in the sexual nastiness arena? What else could possibly explain this nasty, nasty fetish?

Sloppy Sex – Where the juices flow freely, usually referring to blowjobs.
If you’re a woman thinking, “But I like wet cunnilingus,” in a man’s mind, this fantasy involves strings of saliva like spaghetti, gushing liquid all over her face and his cock, and a massive juicy mess. Do men like their sex sloppier because they’re nastier? Or do women also like it with buckets and buckets of spit?

Compilations – Where we watch videos of compilations of various sexual acts performed by various individuals in rapid succession, usually referring to male cumshots or female orgasms (cumpilations).
Men are more visual, and men generally prefer multiple sexual partners, and men are more goal-oriented. Are those the reasons why we don’t see women porning out on compilations of men licking women or masturbating or orgasming? Or is it because it’s actually kind of nasty?

Mother/Daughter – Where he has the milf and her daughter at the same time or in succession, possibly with the mother teaching her daughter.
A woman could presumably have a father and his son at the same time, or attractive twin guys, or just brothers together, but very few (possibly none?) do. The relative fantasy seems to be relatively male territory. Just nasty? Or can you think of a different reason?