Of Women and Orgasms

An orgasm, in a woman, is like a trail through a jungle. During the first journeys, that path is a tedious, dark walk, through thick foliage and confusion and clutching fears. Only with persistence can the first journey, although tiring, be made. But as you travel that path with more frequency, it becomes surer, more well-defined, easier, quicker. You know what you’re doing–you’ve been there before. Finally, it becomes a well-marked road to pleasure, a six-laned highway, an Auto-bahn, with no speed limit.

No woman should have to experience the dry tragedy of life, without orgasms to light their way.

There are far too many women out there who we feel could have a more balanced orgasm-to-everything-else ratio. Some of you don’t even have a clue of what you are missing. Grab a man and discover this together, explore together, shoot for the stars, unearth the glittering potential.

Excuse me if I get carried away. I feel strongly.

For some, this may take time at the beginning. It may require an intimidating amount of time and work, but don’t be intimidated, and never give up. No case is too hard to bring to climactic closure. No fear too numbing that you cannot confront together with your partner with patience and tenderness. No history is too entrenched to uproot. No habit too enmeshed that your partner cannot lift a finger, or even lend a whole hand, to help. Closure comes when the path is well-defined; when you are confident in your ability to be satisfied (which is satisfying); when the slate is licked clean, the outlook is fresh, the future tingling with excitement and potential.

Men, never pass up an opportunity to give a woman an orgasm. Pledge to do everything to the best of your ability to make her feel good. Pledge to make her beg for more, and pledge to give more freely. No woman is too tender or too calloused or too satiated to merit your disregard. No terrain too uncharted that you will shy away from–or even too charted. Not even a well-defined path–an already present highway to pleasure–will daunt you. Nay, but you will savor these, relish the ease and freedom with which the treasure hunt is made possible. Even if it is a regular occurrence, a few more orgasms NEVER hurt anyone.

Pledge to never stop learning. To never become set as to how you think it must be done. No matter how much success one technique affords, every woman is different, inimitable, irreplaceable. Vow to grow, to stretch with every woman that you are acquainted with. Vow to find solutions.

But most of all, vow to have fun, and to spread fun. Vow to spread love without discriminations, without judgement.  

Love, SexyLittleIdeas