prostitution laundering sexylittleideas
or Sex-for-Nonsex

Prostitution is the voluntary exchange of anything sexual for anything non-sexual.

Sex-for-money is too broad a definition. Not all prostitutes receive money and not all prostitutes give sex. Before money was invented, a prostitute might have received cattle, and even today she might receive drugs or political favor. Instead of intercourse, she might be hired to spank and humiliate a man or even just wear a negligee and act like she enjoys it.

The definition of prostitution as the voluntary exchange of any sexual activity for any non-sexual payment is the only definition that amply covers all the colors in the prostitution spectrum. Once we realize this, however, we have to face some uncomfortable truths.

(Having sex to have a baby is, of course, the notable exception. Sex for the purpose of children is not pleasure or prostitution but a third thing we’ll call procreation.)

This sex-for-nonsex definition means that anyone who’s ever had sex for anything except pleasure and babies is guilty of participating in the beautiful symbiosis that is prostitution. -A woman who has sex with her partner not for pleasure but for emotional closeness or stability. A man who provides intimate companionship to a woman not because he’s attracted to her but because she is powerful or famous. A woman who flirts with her professor for good grades. Any man or woman who sleeps his/her way to the top.

Prostitution is less about the actions and more about the intentions. If you sleep with someone for pleasure and then they give you something (goods or services) you weren’t expecting, that is your good fortune. If you sleep with someone because you want something from them besides pleasure (or procreation), that is prostitution.

Because prostitution is (still) illegal in the majority of developed countries, it is often laundered in various ways to turn the illegal sex-for-nonsex exchange into a legal goods-and-services transaction.

Many unionized professional sex workers use the date method to launder their prostitution. The john invites the sex worker to a dinner or a party for an agreed upon fee, and anything that happens after that is simply between consenting adults.

Non-unionized, freelance prostitutes are also quite fond of this method. Sometimes the agreed upon fee is just the price of the dinner or a movie.

Some non-unionized prostitutes take it even further to where the date method becomes the girlfriend method and possibly even the wife method. The wife- and girlfriend- methods are some of the most effective ways to launder prostitution. Anything material a man buys for or any favors he bestows on his wife or girlfriend will never be called into question under prostitution laws. Similarly, any sexual activity she grants him in payment for those goods or favors will be mistaken for simple partnership or marital affection. The exchange has been completely and thoroughly laundered.

Another popular method of prostitution laundering is the spa method. In this method, the unionized sex workers gather under the shelter of a “spa,” the customers pay a door fee for entrance, and then may tip extra for sexual services. Non-unionized prostitutes also sometimes use this method, usually amplifying it to the bar method or club method. Like the spa method, the bar- or club- methods involve the non-unionized prostitutes gathering under the shelter of a bar or club, the customers paying a door fee for entrance, and then tipping extra (usually in the form of drinks) to ensure sexual services.

There are many ways to launder your prostitution. How do you launder yours?