or 7 Fun Ways to Talk Dirty

They may not be your very favorite part of your very favorite shows, but you have to admit that your heart leaps a little in your chest every time you hear, “OMG, they killed Kenny!” or “How you doin’.” A good catchphrase can make an already enjoyable experience just a little bit more enjoyable.

Some of the most verbose people can close up like a clam when clinging to a partner. And trust me, if talking dirty doesn’t feel natural for them, zipped lips are preferable by far to an awkward cloud of grubby one-liners hanging over the room. On the other hand, some of the mousiest mouths can explode in dirty talk when all the stars have aligned correctly.

During sex, few people have the presence of mind to control the words, sounds, and talk – dirty or clean – that is coming out of their mouths. A good sex catchphrase, like any good catchphrase, is never forced. A man or woman’s dirty talk or lack of dirty talk can depend in large part on their overall approach to sex. If you’re looking for tips on how to talk dirty, first take a look at what part of the sexual experience you focus on the most. Your dirty talk must be customized to a dirty you that you are comfortable around. Here are a few of the best sex catchphrases and dirty talk that I have had the pleasure to have been bathed in.

1. Focus on Yourself
Some people approach sex entirely through the lens of themselves – how they look, what they’re doing, what they’re feeling, how they’re making you feel. If this is you, don’t be bothered about how it looks on paper. In bed, selfishness is hot. Make sure to use the right tone though – these are less questions and more challenges. “Do you like me? Do you think I’m hot? You like this? Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

2. Focus on Your Partner
As hot as selfishness is, unselfishness is another brilliant sexual approach that should not be disregarded. While flattery in the real world can be annoying, flattery in the bedroom is smoking. “You’re so amazing! I’ve never had anyone like you! OMG, you’re incredible. You’re so good at this.”

3. Focus on the Experience
If you can distance yourself from both you and them and instead think about the magic that is being made, you will have discovered a third approach. Focusing on the experience, on what is happening, can be another rich mine for sex catchphrases and filthy, dirty talk. “OMG! This is too much! This is so intense!”

4. Focus on the Act or on What You Want
Similar to the above category but with enough specifics to make it a whole nother kettle of fun, focusing on the details of what you want your partner to do to you can not only be a sweet accompanying melody, it can also clue your partner in to what you want them to do to you. “I want you to ___. Please, ____ on my ____ right now! I need you to _______!”

5. Focus on the Forbidden
If you are a good little proper Catholic girl or are still getting over the marvels of having sex with outsiders, this one is for you. Beware though – if your partner is the open-minded type, he or she may be less turned on and more slightly bemused. “We shouldn’t be doing this. This is so bad! We have to stop this.”

6. Just Repeat Something Incoherent
Just repeating something that is largely incoherent can show your partner that you’re too into it to realize that you sound like a wind-up doll. Being too into it is a great thing! Be careful with this one, though, as it could end up being distracting. “You’re really yummy, you know that. You’re really yummy, you know that. You’re really yummy.”

7. Short Is Sweet
Your sex catchphrases do not need to be drawn out to be awesome. It’s not how long you talk dirty or how much you talk dirty – it’s how much you believe. A simple, “Ok,” just to try to keep control of the situation can bring a smile to your partner’s face if you really mean it. A light sprinkling of ‘oh, God’ or simple heavy breathing peppered with, ‘yes’-es can really be all you need to make the darkness glow.