motherhood racism sexylittleideas
or The Last Socially-Acceptable Evil

Mothers are racists.

Becoming a mother automatically turns perfectly fair, tolerant citizens into racists.

Having a child that was once a part of you seems to have the instant side effect of making you a complete bigot toward all other races besides your own bloodline. From that moment on, any creature that is not direct flesh and blood to you is seen as inferior and inconsequential.

Great mothers are usually terrible human beings, and terrible mothers are great human beings.

Think of it this way: if you would be willing to torture and kill every other man, woman, and child on this planet in order to save your child, that would make you an exceptionally great mother. Really think about that.

And while, if you really stretched the truth, you might be able to say that about anyone who loves anyone else, mothers are specifically famous for this creepy kind of self-centered, blood-centric love. Most other formerly socially-acceptable reasons for evildoing (religion, money, tribe, etc.) have been firmly discredited by modern society. Which is why I think a little bit of awareness needs to be raised about motherhood, the last bastion of socially-acceptable evil.

Fathers don’t seem to turn into instant racists, or at least much less so. While there are notable exceptions, most fathers are essentially bad fathers (which of course makes them much better human beings).

My mom freaks me out in lapses. Luckily she’s usually a better human being. I don’t think good-mother or good-human-being is something that a person is always firmly on either one side or the other. It’s just that potential within you, that anti-everyone-else Sophie’s choice that you’re always tempted to make or have the proclivity toward.

Is love coupled with rational thought… not really love at all? Because blind love, the other side of that coin, has consequences that, if taken to their extreme rational conclusions, are terrifying.